In our company, we have various games that the players can play. The players can make low, medium or high stakes as per their wish. The casino also has various facilities available within that can be availed by the players. There are many new games available in our casino. We are also open to the families of the players. There are many facilities that the families also can avail. We have a resort, which they can use. Also the restaurants are open to all. There is also a child play area where you can leave your kids to play. These facilities are available in a discounted price to our players. We have large number of slots and tables available for the players. We also have good interiors which help you to relax while you play. The casino is open from afternoon 2 P.M to 2 A.M in the night on all weekdays. In the weekends the casino is open all night. For this reason, you can book rooms in our resort which is attached to the casino. The bar and restaurant facility is also available inside the casino.Also sceneries are place in various places and decorated in such a way, that you can just sit and relax at some points inside the casino. The interior is decorated and lighted in such a way that the player will not have a feeling of being kept inside a building. In addition, we conduct some special games in the weekends and some days where the prize money is increased so much for the winner. The security is tight in the casino. Since many facilities are available, it is easy for a person to spend more time in the casino than other places. Our players are very much happy with these facilities and also come back more to us.


1280 College View
St Jacob, IL 62281