Next! features action management that allows you to focus on what you need to do now, while keeping track of everything you'll need to do later. Determine when you need to start your actions so you can always focus on what you need to do Next!

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Projects and Goals

Next! lets you manage goals and projects both big and small. Track the status of your goals and projects so you always know what needs your attention.

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With Next! you can create notes and import files so you always have what you need in one place. Add actions directly in your notes - no need to retype later!

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Awesome extras

The small things matter when it comes to saving time. Next! includes great time saving features that make a big difference.

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  • September 22, 2012

    Next! is a Top 30 iPad Task Management App from Time Management Magazine!

    Time Management Magazine is available on your iPad! Get the mag

  • March 25, 2012

    Best Productivity Apps for the iPad - AppCraver

    Next! is a best rated productivity app!Full story

  • Nov 7, 2020

    Next! Project Management App Turns iPad into GTD Tool - AppCraver

    "...There are several features I immediately noticed that are very useful for being productive, which include action lists, project and goal status along with search..." Full review

  • Nov 5, 2020

    Next! video demo on The Daily App Show - The Daily App Show

    Check out a video demonstration of Next! on The Daily App Show Full review

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  • How do I navigate? Navigation is easy, just swipe your finger up, down, left or right to explore your information. Goals are on the top, Projects to the left, Actions right, and References on the bottom. When you select an item by tapping it, you will see the detail view in the center. watch video length 0:29s
  • How do I manage tags? Tags are used to quickly categorize groups of related Actions, Projects and Goals. watch video length 0:30s
  • How do I import documents? To import documents you can select “Open in Next!” in your email or other apps on your iPad.
  • How do I change my background? Select the preference icon to choose a background, bring up the help screen and turn the navigation overlay on and off.
  • How do I create in-text actions? When typing a note highlight the text you want for your action title and select More.. then Next! or Inbox. You can also add new actions by selecting Add Action. watch video length 0:37s


  • Is there a User Guide? Yes! There are online videos in this section, or you can download the official guide here: Next! User Guide.pdf
  • How do I add new items? In the add screen select the type of item you want to add, enter the title and select + to save and add another or DONE to go to your new item. watch video length 0:38s
  • How do I import photos? In the add screen select the photo icon and browse your photo library on the iPad. Select the text next to the photo to change the title. watch video length 0:28s
  • Why can't I import photos? Apple recognizes that your images may have GEO data embedded in them, and asks your permission before any application gets access to your photos. If you deny Next! access to your Location information, it cannot import any images until you tell the iPad it has permission. Simply open the iPad's settings and enable it under Location Services
  • How do I link? Select the link icon of your item to choose data to link and unlink. Selecting items with the closed link icon will add the item while selecting items with the open link will remove items. watch video length 0:31s
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About Us

We founded LefTurn Labs with a mission to create the most complete and engaging solutions for getting organized, improving productivity, and taking control of your life and career. We'd tried just about every productivity tool out there and none did the job we needed. That's why we developed Next!. It combines the functionality of a few apps in one so we can actually get things done. We'd love to hear how Next! works for you and we are excited to keep experimenting at LefTurn Labs.

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